Emergency Maintenance Defined

We have noticed that some residents do not feel that their maintenance issue could be defined as an emergency. We have put together this list of Maintenance Emergencies to help you decide if a technician should be called out to help. The following information is a general guideline for reporting any maintenance or after hour’s emergency needs that may arise in your apartment home.

Please do not hesitate to submit an non-emergency issue through your resident portal when a repair is needed. We would prefer to address a maintenance repair for you before it becomes an emergency.

For maintenance emergencies during office hours call our office. For after hours emergencies, please contact our office, choose option 9 and you will be forwarded to our on-call technician. Leave a message describing your emergency and your call back information.

What constitutes an emergency?

  • No heat if outside temperature is below 60°F and your home registers below 67 degrees
  • No Water
  • No Hot Water
  • No Air Conditioning (if applicable) when outside temp. is above 85° F
  • No Electricity Throughout the Apartment
  • Major Plumbing Leaks/Frozen or Broken Pipes (Those that will cause damage to property if not addressed immediately)
  • Sewer or Sanitary Backups
  • A Plugged Toilet (if you have an apartment with only one toilet)
  • Continuously Running Toilet
  • Garage Door Malfunctions
  • Elevator Not Operating
  • Safety issues such as break-ins or threatening situations to the property*
  • Fire Alarms: Call 911 and leave the building (Do not call emergency answering service, it is more important that you leave the building.)

For all other concerns, please call the Management Office at 414-255-2277.

Thank you for your residency – we greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve your housing needs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

*If this is a life threatening emergency please call 911